Swivelicious, Lindy Hop Styling Workshop, 7th Oct 2018


Stuart & Carla from Glasgow Jitterbugs bring you Swivelicious, a Lindy Hop workshop dedicated to Follower and Leader styling! 

Workshop summary

In this workshop we'll be covering the following:

  • Swivels (obviously!). How to lead them, how to execute them as a Follow in the most dynamic and eye-catching way.
  • Jazz steps. Time to break away from the rock-step-triple-step-step-step-triple-step pattern! People often say the difference between a good dancer and a great dancer is down to the jazz steps they incorporate into their Lindy Hop. We'll be teaching you some of these steps and show you where you can put them in your partner dancing.
  • Inject energy and excitement into your dancing. We'll be showing you some fun and easy ways to make your dancing more dynamic to watch and more enjoyable for you and more!


In order to attend this class you should be very comfortable with your 6 and 8 count Lindy Hop basic and have a reasonable amount of social dance experience as well. If you are unsure, please contact us and we'll be happy to advise.



Register for Swivelicious and get our Down the Swing Out Rabbit Hole workshop FREE!*** 

  1. We'll be sending the discount code via our newsletter, so please sign up to qualify. 
  2. Bring the discount code and your booking reference for Swivelicious to our "Down the Swing Out Rabbit Hole" classes on the 13th and 20th September, both 9-10pm @ Dance HQ and get the Rabbit Hole classes absolutely FREE!

*Using the Rabbit Hole classes as a precursor to Swivelicious is highly recommended as this workshop will rely greatly on the concepts taught in the Rabbit Hole classes.

Venue is Dance HQ

411 White Studios, Templeton on the Green,

Templeton Street, Glasgow G40 1DA



  • 2-3:30pm Class
  • 3:30-4pm Break
  • 4-5:30pm Class 

Optional Activities

FOOD - We'll be looking to book a table for dinner after the class if anyone wants to join us. Please look out for announcements.


SOCIAL DANCING - We'll keep an eye out for potential evening social dance opportunities and let everyone know if something comes up.

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