Our amazing dance teacher line up

Stuart & Carla


These guys teach Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag from beginner level all the way up to advanced. They also have a wide knowledge of other dance styles such as Balboa, Charleston, Blues and Solo Jazz.


They've taught loads of weekly workshops in the UK and in Europe and are some of the most prolific dance teachers and event organisers in the Glasgow swing dancing scene.


One of their main achievements so far is building the Collegiate Shag scene in Glasgow by running one of the first regular Collegiate Shag classes in the UK always with the amazing support of the Glasgow swing dance community. 


They believe that fun comes first and that more fun comes out of solid technique. So be prepared to learn and be pushed a little at times.

Ivan Nieto


Ivan hails from the Basque Country in Spain and has music in his bones; he’s an accomplished and knowledgeable musician and can play multiple instruments and has an amazing ability with rhythm and syncopation. A simple sequence of beats is enough to make him move - especially if they are swung beats!


His style is very conversational and connected, giving room for his partner to express themselves while conveying his own ideas to his dance partner. Ivan is also an engineer and has a strong need to understand how everything works; he’s brought this quality to his dance teaching, making him very good at breaking down the techniques in class.


We’re so pleased to have him available to teach at Glasgow Jitterbugs.


Beth Rooney


Beth has been Swing Dancing for over 3 years, and anyone that knows her, knows her true love is Collegiate Shag. Beth is a huge advocate for the style and hopes others get to experience the fun and beautiful energetic synchronicity that made her fall for Shag.


Beth's need for swing dance stems from a life long passion for dancing as a whole, having practiced a wide variety of other dance styles both before and throughout her swing dance days.


From street dance to pole dance, her curiosity for dance is apparent and her obsession and knowledge of dance generally is something she's keen to share and express through her swing dancing.

Ruaridh Clark and Sasha Reeve


Lindy Hop is the best expression of joy that they have found. Treasuring creativity and connection, they are constantly looking to develop these aspects in themselves and those they teach.


Sasha and Ruaridh place a significant emphasis on enjoyment of the dance and mutual contributions, believing that both the leaders and followers should be able to listen and respond to be able to create.


They both actively lead and follow, which has been influential in developing their approach and improving their connection with other dancers. This obsession for Lindy has seen them seek out dance scenes from across the UK as well as the US (East and West coast), South Korea, and mainland Europe.