Lindy Love - Monthly Lindy Hop Workshops

If you love Lindy Hop, Lindy Love is your ticket to progression in this wonderful dance. Please join us for our monthly 2-hour Lindy class for true lovers of Lindy Hop.


Social dancing at Malone's Mess Around will follow immediately after the Lindy Love class!

Next Lindy Love is 8th of September 2019

Teaching this month: Carla & Stuart

Down the Swing Out Rabbit Hole will be our theme for this month's Lindy Love. As far as Lindy Hop classes go, this class is one of the most important classes you can take as it focuses on the nitty gritty of the most iconic Lindy move, which in turn will also improve your technique in your Lindy dancing as a whole.

In order to do this class, you should have done at least one beginner-level swing out class before, otherwise, all levels are encouraged to attend. If you are a Lindy teacher, attending this class with a teacher perspective in mind is also hugely beneficial. If you're looking for an opportunity to do a beginner-level swing out class, we'll be teaching the swing out at our beginner Lindy class on Thur the 5th Sept at 7:15 at Garnethill Multicultural Centre.

As always in Down the Rabbit Hole, while we will cover technique of the swing out in detail, we will also reserve part of the class to cover an additional, related theme that pertains to swing outs, with this theme changing every year.

We encourage folk who have done this class before to keep repeating it for 2 reasons: to review the concepts and make sure you haven't developed any bad habits and 2) to benefit from the changing, related theme.

We only teach this class once a year so we hope you can make it along!