Next Lindy Love is Sunday 8th of May, 2022

If you love Lindy Hop, Lindy Love is your ticket to progression in this wonderful dance. Please join us for our monthly 2-hour Lindy class for true lovers of Lindy Hop.


Social dancing at Malone's Mess Around will follow immediately after the Lindy Love class!

Next Lindy Love is Sunday 8th of May, 2022

with Allie & Jass

Learn the Lindy Chorus, a partnered Lindy Hop routine choreographed by the godfather of swing dance, Frankie Manning!



57 - 59 Sauchiehall Lane,




1 - 3pm

Class level: intermediate.

You should know 6-count and 8-count Lindy, as well as side-by-side and tandem Lindy Charleston to attend this class.



Class Size: Class size is limited and ratio control is in place so book early (or with a partner) to avoid disappointment.

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