Shag Sundays

Shag Sundays is a 2-hour Collegiate Shag class that happens once a month. 


The level of this class will vary from month to month to try and include as many dancers as possible. Please read the level description of that month's class below.


Class places are on a first-come-first-sever basis; we are limiting numbers in relation to the space at the venue so once classes are full, they're full. We will also be operating a set Lead/Follow ratio for the classes so wait lists may come into play if necessary.

Next Shag Sundays 24th April, 2022

Presenting the Manhattan Routine

with Carla & Stuart

We'll be teaching the Manhattan Routine! Choreographed by New York Collegiate Shag superstars Tony Fraser and Jaime Shannon, this routine is packed full of fun & flashy moves! In this class, you'll be learning the first half of the routine.

Class level: intermediate+

You should be proficient in your Collegiate Shag basics and ready to be challenged with some higher-level material.

Class numbers: Class numbers are limited and ratio control is in place so book early (or with a partner) to avoid disappointment.

Free Social Dance: Stick around for our free, 2-hour social immediately after the class - 1 drink minimum from the bar to attend the social.



57 - 59 Sauchiehall Lane,




1:00 - 3:00pm