Lindy Love - Monthly Lindy Hop Workshops

If you love Lindy Hop, Lindy Love is your ticket to progression in this wonderful dance. Please join us for our monthly 2-hour Lindy class for true lovers of Lindy Hop.


Lindy Love - Lindy Chorus Part 1 - 8th May, 2022

with Allie & Jass

Learn the Lindy Chorus, a partnered Lindy Hop routine choreographed by the godfather of swing dance, Frankie Manning!



57 - 59 Sauchiehall Lane,




1 - 3pm

Class level: intermediate.

You should know 6-count and 8-count Lindy, as well as side-by-side and tandem Lindy Charleston to attend this class.



Class Size: Class size is limited and ratio control is in place so book early (or with a partner) to avoid disappointment.