Next Shag Sundays is April 24th, 2022

Presenting the Manhattan Routine

with Carla & Stuart

We'll be teaching the Manhattan Routine! Choreographed by New York Collegiate Shag superstars Tony Fraser and Jaime Shannon, this routine is packed full of fun & flashy moves! In this class, you'll be learning the first half of the routine.

Class level: intermediate+

You should be proficient in your Collegiate Shag basics and ready to be challenged with some higher-level material.

Class numbers: Class numbers are limited and ratio control is in place so book early (or with a partner) to avoid disappointment.

Free Social Dance: Stick around for our free, 2-hour social immediately after the class - 1 drink minimum from the bar to attend the social.



57 - 59 Sauchiehall Lane,




1:00 - 3:00pm

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