Covid-19 Policy

Please read our Covid-19 Policy. By signing up for Glasgow Jitterbug classes, you agree to follow this policy.

Safety is our utmost concern so our format is changing:

  • You must sign up with someone in a dance partnership for the duration of the block. There will be no partner rotation in these classes
  • All dance class attendees and teachers will wear a properly fitted mask at all times
  • Please take a lateral flow test before every class (you can order lat flow tests for free here:
  • Each person should sign in to every class by scanning our QR code with their phone at the registration desk
  • Maintain social distancing of at least 1 metre with anyone who is not your dance partner
  • Maintain good hand hygiene by washing and sanitizing regularly throughout the class

Please do not come to class if:

  • You feel unwell in any respect
  • You have tested positive for Covid in the last 10 days and/or before you have completed the full isolation period
  • You have not booked the block Missed Classes


Additional steps we are taking to mitigate exposure to COVID in our classes:

  • All upper windows and the fire escape door will be open for the duration of classes to promote good ventilation
  • We will provide several hand pump sanitising bottles throughout the hall
  • We will promote regular use of hand sanitising
  • We are limiting class numbers to 14 people/7 couples per class (exception is the last week where we will allow both classes to attend a solo dance class)

What if I miss a class due to COVID?

If you miss a class because you or someone in your household has contracted covid, you will be given a credit to put towards the following block. If your partner has missed a class due to covid, you will also receive a credit for that class towards the next block. If your partner misses a class, you are also permitted to attend the class to watch, take notes and practice your footwork solo if you wish. Unfortunately we are unable to offer credits/refunds for missed classes for most other reasons, however, we are willing to consider it on a case by case basis.